Serbia – Subotica

Róna Folk Dance Group

Folk dance has been fostered in the Népkör Hungarian Cultural Centre since 1946. The folk dance group has 150 members at present and they work in 5 age groups. The held successful performances on a number of festivals and events in the country and abroad.
The Róna Folk Dance Group is the representative folk dance group of Népkör. Its members are committed to folk art and fostering tradition and, besides their studies or work, they pursue this branch of folk art at high level. They are the operative implementers of the INTERETNO FESTIVAL (CIOFF), organised by Népkör and held each year in August. As owners of multiple qualifications of excellence and with their high-quality performances on the best ranked festivals of the Carpatian Basin, the Róna Folk Dance Groups has proven that it belongs among the best folk dance groups in the Hungarian-speaking region.