BALLET EL TREBOL was founded in 1978 in the city of El Trébol, Province of Santa Fe, Argentina, by its directors Graciela Pons and Víctor Recalde. You can appreciate temporal and regional allegories that cover the ample spectrum of the argentine folklore in their performances. Other programmes show a lot of research work referring to the carnivals of different latin america cultures, staging the itinerary of the dances in América and components of musical and dancing expressions of the argentine and latin american folklore.
Besides the artistic performances, classes are dictated regularly to children and young people of the city and the region, together with workshops directed by specialists on the subject to the whole community and the area.
The workshops and courses deal with themes about argentine and latin american folklore, folklore in general and education in a formal and not so formal atmosphere. It is due to all the research carried out and the special courses made in different countries of the world by professor Graciela Pons that allows BALLET EL TREBOL to have dance performances of many cultures in its repertory.