Hungary – Kalocsa

The Piros Rózsa (Red Rose) Dance Group is a group fostering tradition. The aim of the Group is to collect, preserve and present the tradition, customs and folk songs from Kalocsa and its region. They reconstructed and present in their performances a number of variations of the world-famous traditional dresses from Kalocsa and many of these dresses are original pieces, collected by elder generations. The group strives to present both lavishly decorated dresses with abundant floral hand made patterns and simpler dresses as well. They pay special attention to the cooperation among different generations. Generations from preschool children to retired persons work together in the group. Children and their parents dance together in our group. The group was found in 1980 as the ensemble of the Crafts Coop from Kalocsa. The coreographies of Ferenc Tóth brought success to the group, likewise a lot of invitation from the country and abroad. The hard work was awarded by a number of awards for excellence. The group is a holder of three golden qualification awards for fostering heritage. Their work was acknowledged by the Pécsi Ács Sarolta award in 2001. In the new qualification system, the group obtained 9 excellent qualification. The group’s results were also awarded by the Muharay Memorial Plaquette by the Elemér Muharay Folk Art Association in 2004. The folk art of Kalocsa is part of the Hungaricums, and, beyond that it is also part of the UNESCO intangible heritage.