ISKORKA was created in 1975 by Folk Artist of the Soviet Union, the laureate of the USSR State Prize Alexandra Prokoshina.
The Company Iskorka creative commitment is based on the best national traditions where song is closely connected to game, roundel, action, dance, where everybody sings and dances simultaneously showing the great diversity of folk art based on the regional features both in delivery and in costumes.
The repertoire includes the best samples of art and folk songs, dances, vocal- choreographic compositions and theatricals based on traditions from different parts of Russia: Kirov, Voronezh, Moscow, Kaluga, Smolensk, Orel and others regions.
The group has presented Russian folk culture in Germany (thrice), Czechoslovakia, Norway (twice), Cyprus (twice), Japan, Poland, Denmark, and Italy.
ISKORKA is a laureate of the International Folk Festival in Spain (1991), Cyprus (2006),
Israel (2008), Hungary and Serbia (2009), Ukraine (2010), Bulgaria, (2011), Italia (2012), Greece (2013), Portugal (2014), Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia (2015). Director of the song and dance group ISKORKA: Mikhail Raspopin
Chief Choreographer: Anastasia Filimonova