This  six piece  band  plays  Irish-Celtic  folk  punk. They released their first EP in March, 2014 called  Call  the  Captain,  which  contained four  original  songs  and  one  cover  of  an Irish folksong, Molly Malone. The  band  is  currently  recording  their  new  album, Blood,   Sweat   and   Beer.  

Now they have more than 13.000 fans on Facebook. They found their own sound with the release of their first LP, Sobriety, in January, 2015, which earned great reviews not just in Hungary,  but  internationally  as  well.

The   Jolly Jackers   have   played   in   Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Austria and Croatia, but they   have   been   invited   to   other countries  as  well.  They  are  going  on tour   again   to   introduce   their   new

album, all over Hungary and Europe.