Formed on 5. November 2005., led by Sr. Erik Leónidas Martínez Paz and Katty Alejandra Paz Córdova, born in San Pedro Sula, the cultural company called Zorzales de Sula (thrushes of Sula) has been representing Honduras several times and on international standards in every counrty of Central America, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, the USA (4), Spain (2), Italy (3), France (2) and Turkey (2) as well.
Furthermore, in 2016 Hondurasnak was the firs who managed to  quilifiy itself on the V. Folk Dance World Championship where he was among the top 10 of the 60 delegations in the world .

One of the most prominent performances of the company Zorzales de Sula: Hibueras is “the fragrance of my country in Honduras”, in which the identity, music and dance of the Honduran people naturally appear. The performance offers an opportunity to present traditional costumes in a new way and to create another scene which is designed by Erik Martinez. The composer is  Manu Martinez, who with his artistic work and band, accompanied by 9.14, shows the cultural diversity of their people through musical works such as ibagarile (this is life), wndeti nagai (this beautiful Earth).