The youth dance group of Pļaviņas`s district cultural centre was found in year 2000.

„Daugaviņa” actively participates in district`s cultural life, performs in other districts and some events of Republic of Latvia. „Daugaviņa`s” repertoire consists of latvian folkdances with new, interesting arrangements and original choreography. The youth dance group with it`s concert programme has represented Latvia in International folklore festival „Susret Naroda i Kultura” in Sikirevcos, Croatia, (2005), International art symposium in Logumklooster, Denmark (2006), International festival „Južnaja Palmira” in Odesa, Ukraine (2007), “Zemplen International Folk Dance Festival” in Hungary (2013), “MFF World Wide Pulawy” in Poland (2016).

In year 2008 in XXIV All Latvian Song and XIV Dance Festival the youth dance group „Daugaviņa” was one of those collectives to have the honour to take part in the Final concert in the Mežaparks Grand stage, thanks to it`s gained points.

Collective`s artistic performance year after year is highly evaluated in nationwide dance demonstrations.

Supple, graceful, temperamental step – that is how the youth dance group „Daugaviņa” can be characterized, it is as relentless as the stream of Daugava.


The leader of „Daugaviņa” Ineta Reitere.