Kubinyi Julia Autentico

Júlia Kubinyi is a concert singer in many folk music formations. His group called Autentico is a dedicated representative of the traditional folk music of the Carpathian Basin. Their album Örökül Magyarlapádról was recently released, which gives a taste of the archaic sounding dance tunes and songs of Magyarlapád, which is justifiably proud of its rich folk music and folk dance heritage. In their concert program, in addition to compositions from Magyarszentbenedek, Szék, Mezőkölpény, Magyarszovát and Nyitra counties, Lapád melodies are also played.


Band members:


Júlia Kubinyi – vocals

Kónya Olöd – violin

Pál Danhauser – violin, viola

András Lelkes – double bass, cello