XIII. Ex libris – Call for proposals

The Hungarian Cultural Centre “Népkör” announces a competition for the creation of EX LIBRIS.

The competition is open to five age groups: 10 years old and under / 11-14 / 15-18 / 19-23 and above 24 year old professional artists and graphic designers.

TOPIC:” Looking with Green eyes” Ex libris graphic design challenge on the topic of environment.

/Flowers and wildlife of forests, fields, flowers and bees, planting forests, clean air, bike rides, Maypole in the forest, feeding forest animals, hiking, migratory birds, watering, watering, spraying, etc./.

The peacocks shining colours 2012-2018

Váradi Levente and Farkas József photography

Exhibition of the Hungarian Heritage House in Budapest


The photo exhibition titled “The peacock shining colours 2012-2018” will be presented to the audience at the Interetno Festival by the Hungarian Hertitage House from Budapest. The photos by Levente Váradi and József Farkas bring to life the best moments from the talent show “Risen Peacock,” which was broadcasted on Duna Television from 2012 to 2018, providing an insight into the behind-the-scenes of the competition that captivated hundreds of thousands of viewers in front of their TV screens. The young singers, dancers, and musicians showcase memorable moments from their culture, paying homage to their knowledge-sharing mentors.”