Csík János and the Mezzo band promise a special concert experience with an amazing atmosphere. The musicians interpret their music with a fresh dynamic performance, together with Hungarian folk music, and entertaining jazz-like melodies, some of the musicians are closer to folk music and some to jazz music. The songs – as we can expect from Csík János – are a precise combination of different styles, fondly evoking old and new music, and rethinking them. It is exactly why the band’s music is colorful, novel, and captivating, unusual and yet well-known.


Band members:

Csík János – violin, singing

Kisgyőri Krisztián – bass

Mészáros János – viola, trumpet

Németh Zsolt – guitar, percussion

Rácz Gábor – piano

Szabó Kocsis Zsuzsanna – singing

Vadas László – zither, tango accordion