The music of Fifth Season combines impressions of awakening love on Champs-Elysée, the improvisations of the smoky bars of St. Luis, the atmosphere of evening walks along the Loire and the Danube and the ancient power of Eastern Europe’s multi-ethnic folk music.

The band’s urban setting and their respect for tradition is playfully combined in their music.

The core of the band’s songs is provided by authentic folk music, which provides a solid basis for their improvisations.

The Hungarian-French lead singer elevates this musical experience with the unique world of chansons.

Among the lyrics we can find folk songs and Hungarian and French poems.

The formation founded in 2018 brings together five international musical carriers, decades of experience and years of friendly and familial ties. They have proved their love for good music in a variety of formations (Lajkó Félix, Buda Folk Band, Dresch String Quartett) and they regularly perform in Hungary, Europe and overseas. Their honest, original and improvised acoustic urban music played on folk instruments targets audiences who are looking for quality in folk music and creativity in its adaptation. One of the band’s songs was listed among Balázs Weyer’s favourite songs of 2019.

The members of the band are:

Izabella CAUSSANEL – voice

Sándor CSOÓRI Sündi – voice, viola, tambourine

Máté HEGEDÜS– violin

Ferenc ZIMBER – dulcimer

Csobán Gergő SZABÓ – voice, double bass