Orang Orang Drum Theatre

Founded by Chew Soon Heng and Leow Sze Yee. They have performed as a 24 festive drummer with world renowned performing group for more than ten years. In 2013, they decided to venture out and formed Orang Orang Drum Theatre to create their own unique works. Putting together three Chinese characters of ‘person’ makes a community, representing the fundamental belief behind the formation of Orang Orang Drum Theatre, that artistic work belongs to the people and lives among the people. The purpose is to discover and develop a relationship, a communication bridge between performing arts and the people it serves. OODT sees drum theatre as a new arts genre. It offers drum, music, theatrical elements, movements and tales of Malaysian society. They set out to transform the Chinese traditional art form into a multi-cultural new genre of performing arts in Malaysia.