Two folk dancers, folk dance teachers, friends, asked themselves a very important question, and after answering it, they came up with an idea and founded the GULIBA COMPANY. The question was: “What do we want for our children?” And the answer was the following: “Learning and experiencing our own tradition of dance, singing, and customs, in a way that are supported by three pillars: playing, fairytales, and humor. This are the keys to the child’s soul.” They consider it important that children are not only to be present as spectators at the performances, but also be able to participate in the experience as active actors.

The title of their performance at the Interetno Festival is: “Pinch it, hold it, follow it!” – The story of a knight named George and a shepherd looking for his goat.

In the fabulous dance performance of the Guliba Company, the legend of St. George is combined with the story of a shepherd looking for his goat. The folk rhymes, songs, and dances accompany the tale, and then the fight between the knight and the dragon makes the story really exciting. Children can also be part of the tale and even end up dancing with the Guliba Company at the end.

Members of the company: Gyémánt Ádám and Máté Móric

Musician: Bergics András – flute, horn, mouth harp