The Ballet Folclórico de la Universidad Católica Boliviana “San Pablo”

The Ballet Folclórico de la Universidad Católica Boliviana “San Pablo” (Folkloric Ballet of the Bolivian Catholic University “Saint Paul ” (BFUCB) was founded in February 1986 (33 years) in the facilities of the Bolivian Catholic University “Saint Paul” (UCB) – Regional La Paz, under the direction of Mrs. Norah Valverde Tapia. Her thesis, presented in the Department of Communication of the UCB in 1995 entitled “The Folkloric Ballet, a Means for Communication”, proposal of conceptual systematization, supports the BFUCB in its category of “Folkloric Ballet”. Today, the Ballet is part of the Department of Cultures and Arts of UCB and has 6 official ballet corps, with more than 65 students, and although many of them are students from different departments of the University, there are some who are already graduates.

The Ballet has already presented, on several occasions, 6 historical and social ballets created by the Director and has more than 45 Bolivian folk dances with choreographies and costumes specific to the institution. Achievements:

Is a pioneer in the conformation of a Folkloric Ballet at the level of the National University System in Bolivia.

Represented Bolivia and the UCB in several countries such as Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Slovenia, Spain, France, Italy, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and Venezuela, etc. Has already organized 8 editions of the International Folkloric Dance Festival “La Danza Integradora de Culturas” (FIDIC) since 2011 with the participation of groups from Latin America and Europe.