Russia – Krasnodar

TANOK Folk Dance Ensemble

The folk dance ensemble Tanok has been founded in 1970. It is the clearest example of Kuban Cossack culture. Tanok show is like an unstoppable cavalry attack!
The group explodes in striking exciting performance where powerful energy of fast dance, virtuosity of almost circus-like elements (sabers and Cossack lances juggling, etc.), recklessness of dashing Cossack songs, and touching lyricism are joined together. It’s a real theatrical action. Up to 40 artists work on stage at the same time as the ensemble includes dance and vocal groups, and an orchestra of traditional instruments. Even the most sophisticated audience is fascinated by motley range of authentic costumes
and such attributes as lances, sabres, daggers, etc. The group is known and loved not only in its home community and Kuban region but in foreign countries
too. The ensemble actively participates in folk events, makes concerts, and promotes Russian Kuban dance folklore and traditional choreography among the youth.

The ensemble often takes part in Russian and international festivals and competitions. It successfully performed at international events in Greece, Turkey, Poland, Great Britain, France, Spain, Belgium, and Italy.